God Bless You All

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the care and support that you all provided to my mother, Judy Kristoff.

The family was very moved by the level of compassion throughout her final weeks and final hours. Kathy and Dr. Inouye – from the account by Frauceue, You all are amazing and truly were working right with God himself!



Hospitality, Professionalism, Dedication

I am writing this letter to thank you and your wonderful staff for your hospitality, professionalism, dedication and overall compassion during our short time with Good Sam. I cannot say enough about the wonderful people who assisted me and my family during this very unexpected and scary time. Little did we know where life’s journey was taking us but through every step your fabulous staff was right there always asking if there was anything they could do for my mother or me.

From the hospital liaison, the admissions nurse, Stephanie, Geneva, Carol, Cynde and even the company you use for after-hours phone calls helped to make this experience just a little bit easier. I am asking that you would please let your staff know that I cannot thank them enough for making me laugh while all I wanted to do was throw in the towel and cry. Please know I will let people know how truly comforting your service is……


Good Samaritan was a true “blessing” to our family.

“Good Samaritan was a true “blessing” to our family. There are no words to thank them enough. They were truly a life saver to me and my brothers. They all seemed to like mom and really care. The nurse, volunteer, bathing girl, and social worker even attended services for mom. I could not have continued to care for mom without help from Sarah Q, Barriesha, Sam Smith, and the “on-call” nurses. Without them, I could not have been able to keep mom in her home. She lived longer because of them. What a gift from all.”

Good Sam Family Member

All were absolutely caring, helpful and wonderful

“We have been long time supporters of Good Samaritan hoping we’d never have to use them. When the time came there was no doubt which hospice we’d call. From the director to the nurse who delivered supplies, all were absolutely caring, helpful and wonderful.”

Good Sam Family Member

The whole team was amazing

“The whole team was amazing and exactly what we needed when we needed it. Our nurse, Cinda, and the lady who came to bathe my dad, Lanette, were exemplary examples of care and compassion not only to my dad but to my wife and I as well.”

Good Sam Family Member

Loving, kind, caring, and concerned

“My spouse’s caregiver was Gay Walstrum. Oh my god, if we could have bottled her up and kept her we would have. She was amazing: loving, kind, caring, and concerned. She was awesome. Even now, the Good Samaritan Hospice still show care and concern, offering aftercare therapy. They are great, I thank God for them.”

Good Sam Family Member

Compassionate and caring

“My mother’s volunteer was the most compassionate and caring person we ever met.”

Good Sam Family Member

Great team

“Great team. We had all the help possible. I don’t know how I could gotten through my wife’s death without all their work. Thank you!”

Good Sam Family Member

Highly recommend!

“Highly recommend! Exceptional care given to the patient! Great organization! Thanks! Fantastic people! Wonderful organization!”

Good Sam Family Member

They were outstanding

“I cannot say enough good things about this whole team. They were outstanding. I could not ask for anything better! We had a very good experience with hospice. We are very pleased with the care.”

Good Sam Family Member

So caring and was extremely supportive

“Denise Dellinger was very informative and gave her excellent care and kept her in the know on how things were progressing. Anna (volunteer?) was so caring and was extremely supportive to me and generous with her time to be with her in the last day and hours. Father Todd was very supportive as well, especially with her beliefs as Buddha since she was Japanese. He knew I was Christian and helping us both was great.”

Good Sam Family Member