Memory Catchers

Good Samaritan Hospice’s “Memory Catchers” program takes advantage of recording technology to capture patients’ memories on CD, in essence creating an “audio scrapbook” of memories, stories, thoughts and feelings that can be treasured by family and friends for years to come. Specially trained Good Samaritan Hospice volunteers meet with patients to facilitate the conversation and make the recording.
Recordings may be:

  • Autobiographical – capturing highlights of a patient’s life.
  • Story oriented – focusing on a particular significant story or event.
  • Conversational – including other family members in a dialogue about significant events or in asking important questions such as: “What was the strangest experience you had on a family trip?” and “Tell me about buy genuine kamagra your first car.”
  • “Prop” focused – utilizing pictures, songs or objects with special meaning to generate a memory.
  • “Ethical Will” – recording poignant thoughts and feelings such as: “This is what I love about you,” “This is what I want you to remember about me,” “This is what I am proud of about my life,” and even “This is what I regret about my life.”

Story-telling can promote healing and a sense of wholeness. Audio recordings also provide a living memory of the loved one’s voice, something that is often profoundly missed.

There is no charge for this service, and patients may receive up to five copies of the CD free of charge.