Our Mission

Our Mission

To affirm life in the midst of illness and grief and, above all, to honor what matters most to each person and family served.

Our Approach

When we care for patients and families, we are their partners. We are beside them at each stage of the journey, and we understand this is a sacred chapter in life where every moment counts. Our commitment to helping our patients live life as comfortably as possible is something we take very seriously. We want them to have choices, and most importantly, we want their dignity to remain intact. That’s what matters most to us.

We are the only community-based, non-profit hospice serving the Roanoke and New River Valleys. There are no stakeholders or philanthropy outlets to serve.  Simply put, our patients and families come first. We see everything we do for others as an opportunity to give buy kamagra cheap back. All income and donations are channeled back into our specialized services so we can continue to provide an unparalleled level of care. Our profits are also used to create “extra” services like Complementary Therapies, our Memory Catchers program and extensive bereavement support.

As a community-based entity, we live and work in the communities we serve. We devote substantial time and resources to our community through end-of-life education, advance care planning, counseling programs and outreach groups. We do not answer to an out-of-state corporate structure, possibly with other service lines besides hospice. Instead, Good Sam is the first hospice in the Roanoke Valley to obtain Medicare and Medicaid certification and offer the full range of hospice services to people needing this special kind of care. Everything we do is for you, not profit.